The Most Important Thing a Manufacturer Can Do To Grow Profitable Tax-Supported Business

Grow Profitable Tax Supported Business

By John DiPisa, Founder and CEO, Bid Desk Analytics –

Manufacturers often believe that the only path to more bid business is to lower prices. But, of course, lower margins naturally follow.

While it is true that the bid system is there to ensure the lowest price for the desired quality, if your brand is the desired level of quality, then it’s the lowest price for your product that is being sought. For this reason, the process of having your brand specified on school and government RFPs and bids is the single most important thing you can do to develop profitable tax-supported business.

What’s more, the benefit is long-term.

When you get your brand specified or approved, you stand to secure business for years to come. Generally, because of the cost involved in re-writing specifications, a brand may remain part of a line item description for years before being re-evaluated.

While there are a few shortcuts that only experienced bid specialists understand for winning more tax-supported business, the process of getting your brand specified or approved always pays off with reduced volatility, renewable business and better margins.

At Bid Desk Analytics, we’ve been helping manufacturers secure profitable, long-term business for more than 30 years. Not only do we have a proprietary, unrivaled Live Data Feed of competitive intelligence on state, local government and public school purchasing contracts, but an experienced Bid Support Team to help you leverage it using proven processes and strategies, too.

It’s a winning combination you won’t find anywhere else, and we’d love the opportunity to share it with you. Contact us today to request a brief demonstration.

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