Mission Critical: Never Forget Product Samples and Literature

Never Forget Product Samples and Literature

By John DiPisa, Founder and CEO, Bid Desk Analytics –

Unlike retails sales, the decision for a city or school to select your product has nothing to do with how attractive your packaging is or how famous your brand name is.

When it comes to product selection for a government contract, it’s all about your product itself. That is, how your product performs and, perhaps as importantly, how you communicate it.

A very specific product description can not only help a dealer to win with your product on a bid, but it can also work to eliminate your competition. This is particularly true if your product features are so unique they can’t be matched by competitors.

For example, using a simple descriptive term like “anti-microbial” or a feature that shows more value can keep vendors offering your product. You can read about a specific example in our case study, “How to Distinguish Your Brand When Bidding on Contracts for Generic Products.”

The importance of describing and demonstrating the unique or superior performance of your product makes providing product samples and literature critical when participating in tax-supported bid requests. That’s why our experienced Bid Support Team prepares a spec letter, samples and literature on your behalf as part of our proven process to help you win more profitable government contract business.

To learn more about how Bid Desk can give you a competitive advantage, and to get a view into the product-specific live feed of competitive data we leverage to help identify the most profitable opportunities, simply contact us. We’d be happy to give you a brief, no-obligation demo.

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