BidDesk Enters Partnership with NOPA/IOPFDA

BidDesk Analytics is proud to announce that we have entered into a partnership with the National Office Products Alliance (NOPA/IOPFDA) created to give NOPA members a distinct competitive advantage in gaining profitable SLED bid business.

The partnership allows NOPA to provide free access to Bid Desk’s Topline Data to all members as a membership benefit. In addition, NOPA members will receive a 20 percent discount on access to the full Data Platform and BidTeam Support.

BidDesk CEO John DiPisa comments, “We are very excited to be able to provide this valuable competitor pricing data to NOPA members free of charge. Our data focuses on the top 20 percent of US SLED contracts that feature school and office supplies and furniture, and our partnership with NOPA puts hard-to-access pricing information from those previously awarded contracts directly into the hands of members.”

He continues, “Having that information will help NOPA members make more educated pricing decisions when participating in SLED bid business and will give them a competitive edge in winning more profitable business without leaving money on the table. The partnership is a true demonstration of NOPA’s commitment to helping its members grow their businesses.”  

NOPA President and CEO Michael Tucker adds, “NOPA’s mission is to provide independent office products and furniture dealers, as well as manufacturers, the information, knowledge and tools they need to help them be successful in today’s ever-evolving business environment. Bid Desk’s data is a critical tool they can use to successfully compete in the public sector market, which can be a very lucrative source of additional revenue. We encourage members to take advantage of the unique opportunity to leverage this data that they would otherwise not have access to.”

To access BidDesk’s Topline Data 24/7 free of charge, NOPA members simply sign up through a link on NOPA’s member website. After signing up, members can immediately access the data at any time with one click while on the site.

To introduce the details of the partnership and the benefits of the BidDesk Data Platform, John DiPisa and Michael Tucker will present a webinar, “The Top 5 Critical Elements to Profitably Grow Public Sector Business,” for NOPA members. Following the live webinar presentation, NOPA will provide a permanent link on its member website, so the webinar can be viewed at any time on demand.

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