Proactive Steps to Securing Bid Business

Proactive Steps to Securing Bid Business

By John DiPisa, Founder and CEO, Bid Desk Analytics –

Securing Bid Business: Top tips to get dealers to quote your manufacturer’s brand

Dealers play a significant part in manufacturers winning valuable state, local government and school purchasing contracts or bids. As a manufacturer, when you learn of an upcoming opportunity, you may immediately contact your dealer network to offer your brand as a comparable to the requirement. In fact, very often, it’s the dealer that contacts you for bid pricing.

Either way, however, it is never safe to assume that your brand will be quoted.

Proactive Steps To Securing Bid Business

The following are top proactive tips you can take to encourage dealers to quote your brand:

  • Be sure your packaging is consistent with standard bid packaging (survey your dealers for this information or read through several bids)
  • Build a Bid/Contract Pricing Program – with dealer input – that works for your dealers
  • Have literature – without pricing- and samples available to be sent directly to the using agency in the dealer’s name
  • Never bid direct
  • Be prepared to drop ship in the dealer’s name (based on your Contract Terms and Conditions)
  • Respond quickly to dealer price requests, and always follow up to confirm the status of a bid that was quoted with your brand

Dealers can be your best friends and strongest allies when trying to win government contracts or bids. Following the tips above will make it easy and attractive for dealers to include your manufacturer’s brand in their state, local government and school bids.

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