Unparalleled Product-Specific Intelligence

While other companies offer a little data about a lot of industries and products, Bid Desk data drives exceptional value by going deep. We literally put difficult- to-access competitive intelligence at your fingertips.

Of 50 states and thousands of cities, counties, K-12 school districts and tax-supported agencies across the U.S., Bid Desk data focuses exclusively on the select 20% that purchase 80% of the volume of office, school and custodial supplies.

To provide our proprietary DATA PLATFORM, Bid Desk takes raw data and normalizes it to ensure validity, integrates it so you can ask important questions and produce valuable reports, and makes it predictive and actionable so you can win more, more profitable tax-supported business.


Bid Desk Data Access Includes:

  • Upcoming Bid Profiles
  • FOIA Documents
  • SKU by SKU Competitor Pricing
  • Alternate Dealers & Manufacturers in Your Product Categories
  • Award Tracking
  • Market Share

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