Bid Support Team

Our team of experienced public sector specialists provide strategic and hands-on tactical support to lighten your load and help you work more effectively.

We’re ready to take on any customized project of any size for manufacturers, dealers/vendors and purchasing agencies.


Engage our team to help with any custom project

Let us advocate for your brand on public sector contracts with our RFQ Specification Program


Use our team as  offsite support to gather bid results or match alternate skus to an upcoming bid

Let us help you process more upcoming bids with our RFQ Preparation Program

Purchasing Agencies

Leverage our team to identify third-party, piggyback contract opportunities

Let our team match your current products to safer antimicrobial choices to save time and money as part of our RFQ Product Match Program

All projects and programs are available at flat rates within a fixed timeframe to fulfill specific client needs. Just click below to contact us about what we can do for you.
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